Rabbitmq Connection Error: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Invalid ECDH ServerKeyExchange signature

We have a 7 node test rabbitmq cluster. One of the rabbitmq users reported that they were getting “javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Invalid ECDH ServerKeyExchange signature” error while connecting to Rabbitmq. We checked logs and also checked application up time. Rabbitmq servers hadn’t been restarted for the past 25 days. Also, we didn’t Continue Reading

SOA Suite installation: Got exception when auto configuring the schema component(s) with data obtained from shadow table

We planned to do out of place upgrade from soa suite to As part of this, we planned to automate end to end provisioning. While executing domain configuration using ansible and python scripts, we got following error in domain creation step. Got exception when auto configuring the schema Continue Reading

Telegraf agent not able to monitor zookeeper

We use VMWare Wavefront for monitoring and visualization. We use telegraf agent as metrics collector. As part of Kafka monitoring, we have created alerts for Zookeeper availability. It was working fine initially but stopped working after a Kafka upgrade. We checked telegraf agent and zookeeper logs but could not find Continue Reading

Monitoring Weblogic, SOA, OSB using Prometheus and Grafana

In the previous blog post, we discussed about how to monitor weblogic based applications including SOA and OSB using Vmware Wavefront. In this blog post, let us explore open source alternative with Prometheus and Grafana. We will use Oracle Weblogic Monitoring Exporter in place of jolokia agent to export metric Continue Reading

Weblogic, SOA and OSB monitoring using Wavefront

Traditionally sysadmins used bash, WLST/Jython scripts to monitor weblogic based applications including Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus. There are few disadvantages with this approach: With the advent of modern monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana, above challenges are addressed. We can setup beautiful graphs and dashboards quickly and Continue Reading

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Not able to see Oracle SOA composite instances in em console

We recently built a new Oracle SOA suite environment with version A particular service which is exposed through Gateway was throwing 401 Unauthorized error. There were no instances for this service in em console. So, we initially thought that issue might be with Gateway and analysis was directed towards Continue Reading

Monitoring Datasources in Weblogic/SOA/OSB

Datasource monitoring is one of the key monitoring topics in weblogic based applications. We have been using simple WLST script to alert us when a datasource is not working properly. Most of the times, root cause will be a intermittent network/DB issue. To recover from the issue, we will reset/restart Continue Reading