Monitoring Datasources in Weblogic/SOA/OSB

Datasource monitoring is one of the key monitoring topics in weblogic based applications. We have been using simple WLST script to alert us when a datasource is not working properly. Most of the times, root cause will be a intermittent network/DB issue. To recover from the issue, we will reset/restart the datasource manually. Even though our team is very responsive, sometimes delays in response are inevitable. As one of the tenets of SRE is to automate as much as possible to reduce human toil and manual errors, we have done further automation. We have improved on the earlier version to recover datasource automatically. If the issue can’t be resolved with restart, script will send an email with error message and datasource details. This will save time in gathering error and db information. DBA team, which is part of alert targets, can also quickly act on the alert. New script is available at this location.

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