Not able to see Oracle SOA composite instances in em console

We recently built a new Oracle SOA suite environment with version A particular service which is exposed through Gateway was throwing 401 Unauthorized error. There were no instances for this service in em console. So, we initially thought that issue might be with Gateway and analysis was directed towards it. From Gateway logs we found that back end (SOA service) was throwing 401 error.

When we checked soa access logs (usually located under server logs directory) we observed 401 errors for this service. But there were no instances in em console. When we tail the logs and hit the service multiple times from postman, we observed below error in logs.

<Jan 26, 2023 8:32:05,927 PM PST> <Error> <> <WSM-00008> <Login Exception: [Security:090938]Authentication failure: The specified user failed to log in. [Security:090302]Authentication Failed: User specified user denied.>
<Jan 26, 2023 8:32:05,928 PM PST> <Error> <> <WSM-00045> <HTTP authentication/authorization failure.>

This soa composite’s service has http token service policy attached to it. See below screen grab.

Basically, client was sending wrong authentication details and as authentication was failing at the beginning itself, instance was not getting dehydrated. After correcting credentials issue at client side, we were able to get response from the service.

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