Weblogic Managed Server Start Fails: “the Node Manager associated with machine SOAHOST1 is not reachable”

We have faced weird issue while starting Weblogic managed server from admin console. We spent good amount of time in analyzing and fixing the issue. Sharing this if it can help others. We made a configuration change in weblogic domain that required to restart all servers including admin server. We Continue Reading

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Weblogic Admin server failing to start with error: Service weblogic.server.ServerLifeCycleService was started at level 9 but it has a run level of 10

We had an issue with shared storage server which is used to store weblogic admin server configuration. So, we restarted the admin server once the storage issue was resolved. But restart failed with below errors: It was not very clear what was causing issue from the above logs. So, started Continue Reading

SCG and Vault Integration: login unauthorized due to: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

We were trying to integrate Spring Cloud Gateway running on K8S with HashiCorp Vault. Wanted to share info how we resolved these issues. Issue 1: [ERROR] auth.kubernetes.auth_kubernetes: login unauthorized due to: Post “https://10.0.0.:6443/apis/authentication.k8s.io/v1/tokenreviews”: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority Solution: We used following kubernetes auth config to authenticate client to Continue Reading

Intriguing 502 bad gateway error while invoking Kong that proxies Boomi service

Our dev team has exposed a Boomi service through Kong Gateway to be consumed by other teams. The service was working for most of the time but throwing 502 errors randomly. Initially, we thought it was network glitch and ignored those errors. As the testing progressed to higher environments, the Continue Reading

Troubleshooting HashiCorp Vault Kubernetes Auth Error

We were trying to integrate Spring Cloud Gateway (SCG) on Kubernetes with HashiCorp. We followed the steps mentioned in vault documentation. We were able to bring up vault and vault injector but SCG pods were stuck in init state. Found following error in SCG application pod vault-agent-init container logs: NAME Continue Reading

rabbitmqctl list_queues – badrpc, Some queue(s) are unresponsive

We have a monitoring script that monitors rabbitmq queues and sends notification if message count is more than a threshold. Today the script stopped working. Followed below steps to troubleshoot issue: Logged in into first rabbitmq node and ran rabbitmqctl list_queues. It hung for 60 seconds and threw below output: Continue Reading