rabbitmqctl list_queues – badrpc, Some queue(s) are unresponsive

We have a monitoring script that monitors rabbitmq queues and sends notification if message count is more than a threshold. Today the script stopped working. Followed below steps to troubleshoot issue:

  1. Logged in into first rabbitmq node and ran rabbitmqctl list_queues. It hung for 60 seconds and threw below output:

rabbit@rmq-node1 ~]$ rabbitmqctl list_queues
Timeout: 60.0 seconds …
Listing queues for vhost / …
name messages
q1 0
q2 0
{:badrpc, {:timeout, 60.0, “Some queue(s) are unresponsive, use list_unresponsive_queues command.”}}

  1. As suggested by above output, ran rabbitmqctl list_unresponsive_queues . It too appeared hung.
  2. The cluster has 7 nodes. So, thought of checking if the command hangs in other nodes as well. Surprisingly it didn’t hang in one of the nodes. We hypothesized that this node has network connectivity issues with other nodes. The ping commands to other nodes were failing but pings from other nodes to this problematic node was succeeding.
  3. After infra team resolved issue, we could run rabbitmqctl list_queues successfully.

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