SOA Suite installation: Got exception when auto configuring the schema component(s) with data obtained from shadow table

We planned to do out of place upgrade from soa suite to As part of this, we planned to automate end to end provisioning. While executing domain configuration using ansible and python scripts, we got following error in domain creation step.

Got exception when auto configuring the schema component(s) with data obtained from shadow table. Failed to build JDBC Connection object:

Quick internet search gave few solutions like deleting domain-registry.xml file, verifying dehydration store password supplied to script etc. But none of them helped. After trying several options, I thought I might have done some stupid error prior to domain creation step. To track down the issue, though of checking what getDatabaseDefaults actually doing. I tried to grep for the getDatabaseDefaults function call inside oracle home. But couldn’t find the source code for the python function.

As a final resort, thought of capturing what is happening while connecting to DB through strace linux tool. Ran following command to capture the syscall details:
strace -s 400 -ftTy -e ‘trace=!futex,getdents,clock_gettime,gettimeofday,ioctl’ -o trace.out bash $FMW_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/ ./

Basically, I was looking for the username and connection details that above function is using to connect to DB. Luckily, found below entry in the strace output.
write(951, “\0\0\0\255\6\0\0\0\1DEV_STB\1\r\rAUTH_TERMINAL\1\7\7unknown\0\1\17\17AUTH_PROGRAM_NM\1\20\20JDBC Thin Client\0\1\f\fAUTH_MACHINE\1\21\21orasoa-dev-app1\0\1\10\10AUTH_PID\1\4\004\10\10AUTH_SID\1\6\6oracle\0″, 173) = 173 <0.000067>

As highlighted in above error, the script was trying to connect DEV_STB schema. Quickly I realized my mistake. While creating RCU in silent mode, I missed to STB as component. So, connection to database using above user was failing. So, I dropped the repository and recreate by adding DEV_STB component as well. Domain was successfully created post that. Sample rcu creation command:

./rcu -silent -createRepository -databaseType ORACLE -connectString db-hostname:1521:SID -dbUser sys -dbRole SYSDBA -schemaPrefix DEV -useSamePasswordForAllSchemaUsers true -component MDS -component IAU -component IAU_APPEND -component IAU_VIEWER -component OPSS -component UCSUMS -component WLS -component STB -component SOAINFRA

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