Telegraf agent not able to monitor zookeeper

We use VMWare Wavefront for monitoring and visualization. We use telegraf agent as metrics collector. As part of Kafka monitoring, we have created alerts for Zookeeper availability. It was working fine initially but stopped working after a Kafka upgrade. We checked telegraf agent and zookeeper logs but could not find Continue Reading

Kafka Broker Refusing to Start – Timed out waiting for connection

As part of regular maintenance, we shutdown Kafka. When we tried to start it, it failed with below error: [2021-11-15 05:01:03,824] INFO Socket connection established to, initiating session (org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn) [2021-11-15 05:01:03,824] INFO Unable to read additional data from server sessionid 0x0, likely server has closed socket, closing socket connection Continue Reading