Monitoring Datasources in Weblogic/SOA/OSB

Datasource monitoring is one of the key monitoring topics in weblogic based applications. We have been using simple WLST script to alert us when a datasource is not working properly. Most of the times, root cause will be a intermittent network/DB issue. To recover from the issue, we will reset/restart Continue Reading

Wavefront Alert Queries for Kubernetes Monitoring

Recently, we have setup monitoring of Kubernetes using wavefront. Here are some of the useful alerts and their queries: POD Memory Utilization:ts(“kubernetes.pod.memory.working_set”, namespace_name=”xyz”)/ts(“kubernetes.pod.memory.limit”, namespace_name=”xyz”) * 100 Kong POD CPU Utilization:ts(“kubernetes.pod.cpu.usage_rate”, namespace_name=”xyz”)/ts(“kubernetes.pod.cpu.limit”, namespace_name=”xyz”) * 100 Kong Replica Count Mismatch:ts(“kubernetes.deployment.desired_replicas”, namespace_name=”xyz”) – ts(“kubernetes.deployment.available_replicas” and namespace_name=”xyz”) New Pod Created/Pod Deleted:highpass(0, ts(“kubernetes.pod.uptime”, namespace_name=”xyz”) < Continue Reading