Rabbitmq Connection Error: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Invalid ECDH ServerKeyExchange signature

We have a 7 node test rabbitmq cluster. One of the rabbitmq users reported that they were getting “javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Invalid ECDH ServerKeyExchange signature” error while connecting to Rabbitmq. We checked logs and also checked application up time. Rabbitmq servers hadn’t been restarted for the past 25 days. Also, we didn’t Continue Reading

rabbitmqctl list_queues – badrpc, Some queue(s) are unresponsive

We have a monitoring script that monitors rabbitmq queues and sends notification if message count is more than a threshold. Today the script stopped working. Followed below steps to troubleshoot issue: Logged in into first rabbitmq node and ran rabbitmqctl list_queues. It hung for 60 seconds and threw below output: Continue Reading

Rabbitmq integration with Wavefront through telegraf agent

We wanted to monitor Rabbitmq through Wavefront. So, we followed below steps to configure the integration: Install telegraf agent. Enable Rabbitmq management plugin. Configure telegraf agent to use Rabbitmq input plugin. Restart telegraf Even after completing above steps we were not able to see complete data in Wavefront dashboards. We Continue Reading