Monitoring Datasources in Weblogic/SOA/OSB

Datasource monitoring is one of the key monitoring topics in weblogic based applications. We have been using simple WLST script to alert us when a datasource is not working properly. Most of the times, root cause will be a intermittent network/DB issue. To recover from the issue, we will reset/restart Continue Reading

SOA Composite Deployment Fails when Size of Jar is Huge

We were trying to deploy a composite from em console and it got failed with below error. We checked server logs as em console didn’t through enough information. We found following error message in logs: Oct 6, 2020 4:43:10,904 AM UTC Error HTTP wls_soa1 ExecuteThread: ‘0’ for queue: ‘weblogic.socket.Muxer’ Continue Reading

SOA Domain Creation Failure – CFGFWK-64038: The app-svc name “ESSAPP” must have target

We were building a domain with both SOA and ESS in same cluster. We got below error in domain configuration wizard during domain creation. CFGFWK-64254: Error occurred in “Artifacts Generation” phase executionEncountered Error: CFGFWK-64038: The app-svc name “ESSAPP” must have target.CFGFWK-64038: The app-svc name “ESSAPP” must have target.CFGFWK-64038: Provide a Continue Reading

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