Rabbitmq integration with Wavefront through telegraf agent

We wanted to monitor Rabbitmq through Wavefront. So, we followed below steps to configure the integration: Install telegraf agent. Enable Rabbitmq management plugin. Configure telegraf agent to use Rabbitmq input plugin. Restart telegraf Even after completing above steps we were not able to see complete data in Wavefront dashboards. We Continue Reading

Wavefront Alert Queries for Kubernetes Monitoring

Recently, we have setup monitoring of Kubernetes using wavefront. Here are some of the useful alerts and their queries: POD Memory Utilization:ts(“kubernetes.pod.memory.working_set”, namespace_name=”xyz”)/ts(“kubernetes.pod.memory.limit”, namespace_name=”xyz”) * 100 Kong POD CPU Utilization:ts(“kubernetes.pod.cpu.usage_rate”, namespace_name=”xyz”)/ts(“kubernetes.pod.cpu.limit”, namespace_name=”xyz”) * 100 Kong Replica Count Mismatch:ts(“kubernetes.deployment.desired_replicas”, namespace_name=”xyz”) – ts(“kubernetes.deployment.available_replicas” and namespace_name=”xyz”) New Pod Created/Pod Deleted:highpass(0, ts(“kubernetes.pod.uptime”, namespace_name=”xyz”) < Continue Reading